The Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival

Don’t forget that there is still over a week of literary goodness with the fantastic Stay-at-Home! festival! Follow @CJessCooke on Twitter, search for the hashtag #StayAtHomeLitFest, and check out the amazing array of events on their blog here.

With group discussions, readings, workshops, interactive talks, and even an open mic session, there is something for everyone, so go ahead and get involved!

Far too many fantastic writers involved to list them all, but here is a small sample: Darren O’Sullivan, Graham Bartlett, Tania Hershman, Claire Pooley, Mab Jones, Emma Flint, Chris Whitaker, Adele Parks, Natasha Pulley…I could go on, but just go to the site and see for yourselves! Here’s the link again!

There is already talk of a 2021 festival…this is the start of something beautiful, folks.


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