Info Post on Margate Bookie: The Friendly Litfest, and a Short Digression on Silver Linings

I’ve got a slightly different type of post for you today, chock full of bookish goodness! I’m delighted to be collaborating with Margate Bookie, the friendly Litfest by the sea (online for 2020, of course – that’s how we roll this year). They have an absolutely fab programme of events coming up, and I’m very pleased to have the chance to tell you all about them!

First up in October is a series of talks with some amazing writers, kicking off THIS AFTERNOON with a talk from Mary O’Hara.

Here is the full programme of Bookie Talks:

Next up in November is a series of Fireside Chats – have a look and see if any of these grab you (I am definitely feeling the Bibliotherapy one!):

As an aside, one of the unexpected perks of 2020 for me has been attending virtual events and chatting with people over various forms of technology. As a full time mum who, lets face it, “doesn’t get out much,” even pre-Lockdown, it has actually been really fun to Zoom around, chat to people, and listen to the wise words of interesting bookish folk.

All of which got me thinking about the silver linings of this frankly pretty dismal year. For me personally, properly joining Twitter, sharing my blog, and “meeting” so many wonderful people has been a real saviour of 2020 for me, along with the fantastic books I have read, of course. I feel like the bookish community has provided a safe haven in a difficult time, and it really has meant an awful lot to me.

Before I get too sentimental, I’d love to ask you if you can think of some positives for this year. Have you attended any interesting online events? Virtually met any new friends? Or maybe there’s a particular book you’ve read that has helped you get through/escape for a while? Do drop me a comment and let me know, I’d love it if we could start a bit of a chat about the (gasp) nicer side of 2020.

I’ll be doing some more posts about upcoming Margate Bookie events, so keep an eye on my blog. And if you follow me on Twitter, watch out for a chance to WIN event tickets…coming soon!

You can find out more about Margate Bookie and book your event tickets here.

Let me know if you do go to any of these, I’d love to hear your feedback. Or just shout if you’ve read and enjoyed any of the authors mentioned – lets spread the bookish love!


Margate Bookie website

@MargateBookie on Twitter


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